Rentfrow Design, LLC. offers a basic process for design, but creates nothing close to basic when designing your home. By ‘Creating Moods in Individual Spaces’, Jon will design a home that combines your personal needs and dreams. When you hire Jon, you will get a uniquely comfortable home.

As you look through all of these pictures keep a couple of things in mind. First, we Americans are great at creating hybrids and being eclectic. So some of these images will not satisfy the ‘purist’ or historian, but they are helpful in thinking through what style of home you like. Second, please know that we feel we can design a home in any style that you may like, or any hybride that you might want to create.

We are consistently asked why our homes look better than some of the others they find. The simple answer to that question is the attention to detail. Recognizing the importance of sizes, shapes, proportions and especially the materials themselves is key. But most importantly, it is the implementation of the details that takes a basic design to a luxury home. So as you look through all of the pictures here on our site, take a look at the small things. Such as the amounts of stone, the sizes of entry columns or wood shutters.

So as you browse the web and begin to plan for your future dream home, look at the details and try to determine for yourself why certain designs look better than others.

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